Monday, December 8, 2008

Clicker Training Independent Seat

Working on an independent seat with the horse with clicker training.

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balance said...

I made it to the 31/2 minute mark and decided to comment. The rider is sitting so far back and so unbalanced that I can't see how this will be of a help to her ever.
As an instructor for over 35 years, I would rather see her sitting on the horse balanced, with her feet UNDER her, not out in front of her and have her shoulders over her hips which are over her feet. I'd check the length of her stirrups too. Having a rider overcomensate to this degree is not safe in my opinion.
To the rider: Learn to feel your body and your balance by sitting lightly. Don't sit so heavily and leaning back so that your two seat bones are digging into the saddle. Rather, feel your legs hanging naturally down with light weight in the iron and your upper body balanced--not backwards, not forwards, just centered. Your current position is likely to get you dumped off the back of your mare if she pops forward at all.