Saturday, January 30, 2010

Clicker Training Ears and Bridling

The owner says: Reese has never been great about having his ears touched, which I realized is a whole in his training I should have addressed a long time ago. This past winter, with his heavy winter curly coat coming in, his halter was a bit snug and it must have pulled on his hair around his ears and caused discomfort. Suddenly he wanted nothing to do with that halter going over his ears. He can snake his neck pretty darn good and knocked me down a few times. It was a situation that had gotten out of hand, but I just couldn't conquer it completely after months of trying. Then someone suggested to me to try Clicker Training. The results were amazing. Here is a clip after just 3 sessons of 10-15 min. each.


Anonymous said...

I love seeing someone having success with clicker training!

Seems so often people find clicker training out of frustration and running out of options. Although I have to admit that is how I found clicker training.

Mary H. said...

great video!

Always nice to see when people are able to be successful so quickly with clicker training. It does work!